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Jose Manuel García

Jose Manuel García

Co-Founder & Skipper
Brief info

My name is Jose, 31, co-founder BOAT&CO. and Skipper, I grew up in Seville, Spain.

Working like personnel trainer in Ibiza I started to undertake my own Nautical path, my favorite hobby motivated by family generations.

I left all back and I decided to change my job perspective, I began getting specific sailing learning with a principal goal in my mind to achieve: "Become a professional sailor trough PPER Certificate ".

Right now that dream came, also I count on long experience at touristic area. It has been my principal motive to undertake my own business

Our project comes from two years ago of hard work and deep searching of answers to cover our customers needs. Thanks to our fantastic Human Resources department we have found the key part to let you make the most of our facilities to have an unforgettable experience.

Just try...Just trust...Just Enjoy!

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